HP plotter printers for sale in California

We sell new and refurbished HP DesignJet and refurbished HP PageWide XL plotters — with nationwide shipping.

Authorized HP dealer in California

Golden State Reprographics is your local California HP reseller, authorized by HP to sell all-new DesignJet models.

We participate in HP’s Cash In, Trade Up program that offers up to $1,500 cash back on new purchases when you trade in.

We also stock DesignJet ink and paper for most available models.

We sell these models of

HP DesignJet

HP DesignJet T650
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HP DesignJet T2600/T2600DR

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HP DesignJet T630 (24", 36")

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HP DesignJet T650 (24", 36")

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HP DesignJet T730 (36")

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HP DesignJet T830 (36")

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HP DesignJet Studio (24", 36")


I work for a very busy construction firm and use this company almost daily for scanning and printing construction drawings as well as for laminating and creating job site signage, design vision boards, etc. [The] team at Golden State … goes ABOVE and BEYOND to accommodate my fast-paced, time-sensitive requests. … I am so grateful there are still business owners out there that truly value their customers.

Melody T.

Yelp reviewer (Campbell CA)

Excellent service, pricing, and location. Got recommended this place by our architect, Richard Hartman (Hometec). We went to Kinko's the other day to get a 24x36 blueprint copy that cost us $100 and some change. Here...it cost us half of that.

Tim V.

Yelp reviewer (San Jose CA)

The best blueprint printing service in town. This company truly understands customer service, and I highly recommend them for any of your printing needs! I can always count on them for fast service when I am in need of a rush order.

Ashlie B.

Yelp reviewer (Campbell CA)

Keith has a great team of people who serve you and make everything so easy! Service is always on time and never less. I've been coming back to them for all my printing projects! I will continue to bring my business here.

Brenda U.

Yelp reviewer (Fremont CA)

Get your new plotter in 3 easy steps

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Tell us what model you’re looking for — or the features you need

Step 2

We’ll hand deliver your new plotter or ship it anywhere in the United States

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Keep your projects on track with an efficient new plotter

Refurbished plotter printer sales

Brand-new HP DesignJet and PageWide XL models aren’t in every company’s budget.

But you don’t have to risk wasting money on a used plotter you found on Craigslist… Golden State Reprographics also offers refurbished models. We have plotters to suit all our customers’ business needs.

All used printers we sell have been refurbished to exacting factory standards. When we take in a used HP DesignJet or HP PageWide XL model, we follow a lengthy checklist to ensure everything is in top condition for the new owner. Our process goes through the whole machine, from complete calibration to replacing the ink and printheads — and more.

Contact us today to discuss refurbished models currently in stock.

Post-purchase support

We offer comprehensive support after you’ve purchased your new or refurbished HP DesignJet or refurbished HP PageWide XL plotter. Used plotters are guaranteed for 90 days and will be repaired if not working as expected.

In addition to our complimentary post-purchase support, we can provide complete service and technical support over the life of your plotter. Golden State Reprographics is a certified HP technician, authorized to provide service for all HP DesignJet and HP PageWide XL models.

Sell your used plotter printer

Whether you’re trading up to a newer model or just looking to unload an oversize plotter that’s taking up space in your office, we’re here to help.

Golden State Reprographics offers a great consignment program! Contact us today, and we’ll take that used plotter off your hands, refurbish it, and help it find a new home.

Once we sell your used plotter, we’ll cut you a check for a portion of the consignment sale price.

New & refurbished HP plotter printer sales in California

We’re open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All our locations offer:

  • Same-day turnaround (large-format and small-format printing) with no rush fees
  • Weekend service as needed
  • Local pickup and delivery for your convenience

San Jose
1020 Commercial St., Suite 103
San Jose CA 95112

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Redwood City
2620 Spring St.
Redwood City CA 94063

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3453 Ramona Ave., Suite 7
Sacramento CA 95826

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Get more details on Golden State’s plotter sales

Here are some answers to our customers’ frequently asked questions about our California plotter sales.

We are authorized to sell new HP DesignJet printers. In addition, we offer refurbished HP DesignJet printers and HP PageWide XL plotters.

We sell the following HP DesignJet plotter models:

  • HP DesignJet T230 (24") (5hb07a)
  • HP DesignJet T250 (24") (5hb06a)
  • HP DesignJet T630 (24") (5hb09a)
  • HP DesignJet T630 (36") (5hb11a)
  • HP DesignJet T650 (24") (5hb08a)
  • HP DesignJet T650 (36") (5hb10a)
  • HP DesignJet T730 (36") (f9a29a)
  • HP DesignJet T830 (36") (f9a30a)
  • HP DesignJet Studio (24") (5hb12a)
  • HP DesignJet Studio (36") (5hb14a and 5hb14c)

We also provide service on the following HP PageWide XL model series:

  • HP PageWide XL 3900
  • HP PageWide XL 4100/4600
  • HP PageWide XL 5100
  • HP PageWide XL 6000
  • HP PageWide XL 8000

Golden State Reprographics is an HP Authorized DesignJet dealer. Looking for a new HP DesignJet model? We even offer trade-ins for newer models. Contact us today for competitive pricing on HP DesignJet plotters.

Yes! Golden State Reprographics offers shipping throughout the United States for HP DesignJet purchases.

If you have an old HP plotter sitting around, we accept consignments! Free up room in your office and leave your HP DesignJet or HP PageWide XL at a Golden State Reprographics location. When we sell your used (and refurbished!) model, we’ll pay you a portion of the cost.

Yes, Golden State Reprographics sells used printers that have been refurbished to exacting factory standards. When we receive a used HP DesignJet or HP PageWide XL model, we go through the whole machine to ensure it is in peak condition for the new owner. We calibrate the machine, replace the ink and printheads, and more.

Golden State Reprographics offers full-service printing services, including large-format printing, as well as HP certified technician repairs for HP DesignJet plotter printers.

HP Authorized Dealer for DesignJet